Harper, Jones Tagged To Wear #8, #9

by Panchito Ojeda

Blacksburg, VA - Each year two numbers are picked to be worn by players who best represent the program and the legacy left behind by Wian Coetzer ('18) and Alex Hable.  Both players lost their lives too young but were exemplary figures on and off the field at the university.  Their contributions to this team are embodied by honoring them with their numbers being worn by players who exemplify hard work, team attitude, and ut prosim.

In 2023, senior Sam "Bones" Jones will wear #9 honoring Wian Coetzer.  Jones was selected by our team captains to wear this number. "We chose bones because he is a quiet player who doesn’t always get the recognition he deserves." stated captain Daniel Gaffney.  "We think he is a leader on the team who works for the team on and off the field more than anyone." 

#8 will be dawned by Senior Tyler Harper to honor Alex Hable.  "Tyler's incredible work ethic on and off the field, as well as his approach to the game is strong." stated Head Coach Panchito Ojeda. "As a staff he easily ascended to the top of the list of someone who represent Virginia Tech Lacrosse values."

The team opens their season on the road this weekend with games against Alabama and Auburn.